I’ve been lucky to work with great companies and even greater people!

With more than three decades of experience in marketing strategy and leadership, it’s fun to look back at what you’ve accomplished over the years. Here’s my resume if you want to take a look.

I like even more to look to the future. Advancements in my field, like virtual events and intent- and account-based marketing, and the opportunities those advancements will create for emerging companies, are what get me excited. Combined with the tried and true, I say bring it on!

Case Study in Success

The idea for defi SOLUTIONS, a SaaS-based tech company in the auto finance industry, literally started on the back of a cocktail napkin. It’s potential was huge, but so was its competition.

I came in and developed a comprehensive brand strategy that launched internally. Once we knew who we wanted to be and shared the same goals, I took that momentum and grew our brand in the marketplace, directing all marketing, public relations, events, advertising, culture programs, and CRM initiatives, while growing and managing a team of six.

With strong brand awareness and recognition in the marketplace as a company to watch, defi’s growth skyrocketed and investors noticed. Eventually, Bain Capital Ventures made a $55 million investment, and defi merged with the largest player in the industry.

To this day, defi continues to lead its industry and drive innovation to new heights.

I can help you get noticed, too.

What Colleagues and Clients Have to Say.

“The complete package. Smart, effective, great communicator, passionate about her work, totally trustworthy, and pretty funny too. A great addition to our team and a true leader on behalf of her clients. She’s a team player who helps bring out the best in those around her.”

Ken Schaefer
President, Schaefer Advertising Co.

“Having known and worked with Kristin as a client of defi for about four years now, I can state confidently that Kristin has always been a pleasure to deal with a true professional and value-add in all ways.”

David Ballantine

Recognized as a “Trailblazer, Innovator, Disruptor” by SubPrime Auto Finance News

“I am constantly amazed by what Kristin has been able to accomplish for the defi brand! We were a small growing company, but she positioned us as a very mature and established brand in the market, perhaps even before we were! She is a master of branding and marketing efficiency. She was often constrained with budgets, but managed to create amazing experiences for employees, customers, and prospects.”

Justin McClintick
Co-Founder, Clean Layer

“Kristin is hands down the best startup marketing person I have ever met. She can take a small budget and make it go and go. She was “marketing” at defi for the first 5 years. She helped build the company from zero to over $100M in value. Peers in our industry would think that our marketing budget was huge when in fact it was not. I hope to work with Kristin again one day! If you need help growing out of this current crisis, you will want someone like Kristin on your team!”

Georgine Muntz
CEO, KidKare and Link2Feed

Multi-Winner of defi SOLUTIONS Peer-to-Peer Award

“I nominate Kristin for the Cup of Joy. As our 5th team member, she has never lost her energy for getting defi’s name and brand out there or for creating a great environment for the defi team. She is energetic and creative and smart and passionate, and she makes me feel like I’m moving in slow motion. If there was a competition for defi Queen, Kristin would win. So grateful to have her on our team.”

“Kristin is one of the best senior level marketing talents I have come across in my 20+ years in finance and technology. I watched her bring highly effective marketing strategies to defi Solutions when the company was very young, and watched (in no small part to Kristin and her team’s efforts) skyrocket that company to a $77mm valuation and acquisition by one of the largest PE firms in the world, only to be followed less than 2 years later by another major acquisition. In addition to mastering SEO, and communication through many marketing channels, she has an incredible talent for innovative communication. At typical trade shows, people are somewhat oblivious to vendor booths. They visit only to pick up trinkets for their kids. For the last 6 years, Kristin made the defi booth an event in and of itself. You would see exhibit halls nearly empty except for a massive crowd of clients around the defi booth. Kristin is truly a top talent as an individual contributor as well as a seasoned executive manager who can expand her reach by developing her team. I am proud to give her my strongest endorsement. She is a change agent who will get your message out in a powerful way.”

Daniel Parry
CEO, TruDecision Inc.

“defi would not have been defi without Kristin. She exceeded all expectations I had about what a marketing person could do for a small, growing company. She defined our brand, she dealt with my crazy, and she helped define our culture. She was instrumental in growing defi and ensuring we all had fun in the process. She raised the bar on what a Client Summit and a conference booth in our industry could and should be. And in addition to the phenomenal results, she passionately loved what she did. She loved the team, the partners, and the clients. Every startup CEO needs “a Kristin” in my opinion. I’m blessed to have had her on our team.”

Stephanie Alsbrooks Hanson
Founder & CEO, Clean Layer

Kristin is a true professional at what she does.

“If you’re looking to raise product awareness, or marketplace presence, then look no further. Kristin truly knows the how and where to getting the ‘ink’.”

Lynne Swihart
Director Operations & Production, Balcom Agency