Get Good Work, Get Good Times, and Utilize the Technology You Pay For

Get Good Work, Get Good Times, and Utilize the Technology You Pay For

My number one priority is to guide good work and have fun in the process. I mean it. That’s it. That’s all I really care about. Good work equals effective work that makes money and doesn’t waste money. The goal should always be to do work that stands out, sends the right message, and does its job. The “having fun” part is just as important. On that front, I take my cue from Bob Schneider and his song Captain Kirk. He says, “I just want to get a good time out of my life.” To me, that means laugh – and belly laugh until you cry. Be pleasant, constantly absorb, listen, share, and be real to the bone.

Getting good work and having fun is different now that we’re mostly virtual. Still, there are common themes and tech tools that can make good work and fun a reality every day. The solution is a mix of thinking, connecting, planning, writing, and other types of work done by humans and using technology to implement it all. Here are five different themes you can apply to your work and how technology supports them.

Work Theme 1: GET ‘ER DONE
When communicating with clients and prospects, find the sweet spot between average and thoughtless and value and entertainment. Keep something out there on a consistent basis. If you lack the time or resources to be super creative, then go with something simple and straightforward that gives new information, teaches your audience how to do something, or connects them to something helpful.

How tech helps get ‘er done – Email automation workflows keep you in front of your clients and prospects, and once in place, frees up your time. It takes planning and effort to set up campaigns in email workflows in advance, but it’s a huge time saver once done. Worth it!

Regardless of the industry you work in, you’re just talking to human beings. Behind the developer’s pocket protector, doctor’s mask, or banker’s suit are mothers, fathers, children, and friends. They have the same wants and needs as you do. In addition to what people need (e.g. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: Physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self-actualization), most want to be recognized, rewarded, and save the day by bringing in the big idea. Help others and it will benefit all. Win. Win. And win. Plenty of winning to go around.

How tech helps people – Technology makes everything easy to share. Connect people you know to solutions that fit their needs through quick texts, shared articles, videos, and connect them with others working toward a similar goal. Recognize business partners, give referrals, like, follow, share – give, give, give. Technology helps form community among special interest groups. There’s information out there for anything! Connect. People. Help. People.

Take all the steps. Don’t skip even if moving fast. Start with the need or problem, generate the idea to solve the problem, plan the follow-up, and how you’ll track results. Choreograph the project or event from beginning to end. Circulate the plan for feedback from other groups, then adjust, build, test, implement, and track. At midpoint and afterwards, look at it again and ask questions. What did we get? Would we do it again? How would we change it next time?

How tech helps you visualize and plan – Think of projects in the before, during, and after stages. Project management software is a pain and most times we’re moving too fast to even check the boxes in the software as you work through a project. But, if you plan out the steps in the software, the team is aware of the bigger project picture and makes decisions and plans that include all steps. It’s the finishing touches to personalize messages and tracking results that will set you apart.

Be a steward of good work and not a timekeeper. People can work from anywhere, anytime, so flexibility is the new norm. Fortunately, I’m not experienced with working with people that don’t manage themselves. If we’re talking about why something is late, why you’re late or where you are or need to be, or how many days you’ve been out, we aren’t focused on good work. And that’s a problem. If the work is good and getting done, that’s all that matters.

How tech helps avoid babysitting – With chat channel tools, video conferencing, text, smart phones, and project management software, it doesn’t matter what time you “get” to work, how long you stay, if you’re offline for a bit during the day, or if you work by the pool. Whatever makes us happy, makes our families happy, and we aren’t held up and getting results is great.

Fast, cheap, and perfect. That’s what we all expect now. So, during that process, be kind. Unless it’s actually brain surgery, we don’t want to treat our projects as if they are life and death. We want to get our work done right, and on time, but never forget to “Whistle While You Work.” You’ll be much more creative and ultimately engaging in the long run.

How tech helps you go easy – Always take time to create culture and build comradery through sharing ideas, funny videos, amusing things that happen during zoom meetings, etc. Now that we’re living and working virtually, create ways to get people excited about their work. Hold virtual brainstorming meetings; share more reports via email, so others see the results of their work; and post comments and positive emails from customers. Hold regular stand-ups online and host regular company updates. People need people and people need positive feedback.

There’s a common thread here that people work harder to support others after experiencing and going through things together. The ways to do this are all different now that we don’t have water cooler time and happy hours.

My hope is these quick tips inspire you to use the technology you have to get ‘er done, treat people as people, choreograph your projects and events from start to end, enjoy the freedom of being virtual, not take work too seriously, and HAVE FUN.

Thx, kh

Bob Schneider – Cap’n Kirk

I want to be like Captain Kirk

Get up everyday and love to go to work

Don’t want to be like Mr. Spock

Want to kick out the jams and rock the block

I just want to feel good

I don’t want to hurt nobody

I just want to get a good time out of my life

I want to be like Cassius Clay

I want to change my name and go all the way

I want to be like Marilyn Monroe

Be loved by everybody that I know

I just want to feel good

I don’t want to hurt nobody

I just want to get a good time out of my life

I want to be like Jesus Christ

Keep the party moving giving good advice

I don’t need to be no Superman

I just want to do the best I can 

And I just wanna feel good
I don’t wanna hurt nobody
I just wanna get a good time
Out of my life
Get a good time, get a good time